CCTV Van: Drive crime away

Looking for flexible security that reaches corners fixed CCTV doesn't? Proven to reduce crime, CCTV Van isn't only a visual deterrent - it's fully equipped to deal with incidents.

Park your concerns

CCTV Van drives to curb crime. Since hitting the road in 2013, it has significantly decreased incidents.

Kitted and fitted

Equipped with external cameras and audible alarm monitors, CCTV Van is ready to deter and act. It's also equipped with an audio system to warn off threats.

Take their word

Since reducing car park crime by 25% with CCTV Van, Marks & Spencer haven't looked back. Neither have these clients.

Don’t look back

Has a crime left you feeling shaken? CCTV offers a reassuring presence in the aftermath of incidents to boost morale and confidence.

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