MobileCam: Portable protection

Planning an event or need temporary security in a neat, travel-sized package?

Go anywhere

From a festival field to a city shopping mall, MobileCam provides a visual deterrent and real protection anywhere you like.

Prevent the event

Is a hostile crowd gathering late at night? With an audio horn ready to warn off threats and thermal cameras with built-in video technology poised to alert, record and analyse, MobileCam is the all-in-one answer.

Wherever you may roam

MobileCam works pretty much anywhere. All you need is 3G/4G network coverage. So can you, because behind the scenes fully trained operators at the Securitas Operations Centre are monitoring the video footage 24/7.

Want to take it to the next level? MobileCam can be combined with our other Protective Services to give you total protection.

Ready to go?

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