Fire & Safety Services – is your business ready for a fire emergency?

Fire is one of the biggest safety risks to your business, threatening people, property, assets and the entire operation. Are you ready if the worst happened today? Do you understand the risks to your business in the instance of a fire?

Starting with a risk assessment, Securitas provides a wide range of Fire & Safety services. We provide a full break down of your fire risk and advise if your business is meeting its legal duty of care to employees. 


Don’t leave fire safety to chance

o Get a fire risk assessment

  • This provides a full break down of fire risks and threats facing your business with recommended solutions

Think about your fire equipment 

  • We deliver annual equipment checks with option to install Securitas’ cost-effective and sustainable P50 extinguisher

Business continuity and emergency planning

  • A robust continuity plan to keep your business running in the aftermath of a fire or other emergency

o Specialist First Response vehicles with trained team

  • From small fires to lift failures, environmental spillages, vehicle collisions, first aid response and fire alarm activations, the First Response team will protect your people and property
  • The team is the first point of contact with emergency services

o City & Guilds accredited fire marshal training

  • There is a legal requirement for trained fire marshals on every business site
  • Our City & Guilds approved training offers your people a chance to gain valuable skills

o Virtual Reality (VR) fire training

  • VR fire training saves time, money and resources. It can be delivered in your workplace and adapted to focus on a range of hazardous scenarios.


Training excellence

Fire & Safety training is delivered on client sites and via our real life, scenario-based training facilities at the Fire Service College in Gloucestershire. Our dedicated Fire & Safety team includes experienced managers and trainers, many of whom are former fire officers, so your team will learn from the very best.

Be prepared:

  • Securitas provides a range of solutions to tackle the fire risk faced by your business
  • We help businesses meet their legal duty of care to employees including on-site fire safety requirements, training of fire marshals and business continuity planning
  • We combine practical hands-on training with technology-based solutions, such as VR, to save you time and money, with no compromise on quality of training
  • We provide your employees with an opportunity to enhance their skills with City & Guilds approved fire marshal training
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