Fire & Safety: For a rapid response

Fire is one of the biggest safety risks your business faces, threatening your people, property, assets and entire operation.

No regrets

That dusty, out-of-date fire extinguisher in the corner could be your biggest regret. Our fire risk assessments and safety equipment checks comply with latest regulations, reducing the risk of fire and its impact.

Act now

Time is precious. In an emergency, it's crucial. With teams of qualified fire marshals and first aiders in fully equipped emergency vehicles ready to act, you're in safe hands.

Are you ready?

Do you have a fully trained Fire Marshal and qualified First Aider who can step-up in an emergency? Are your fire extinguishers up-to-date? Are you aware of the full risks your business faces?

From basic to complex, it's essential your needs are covered. Be safe, not sorry.

Be prepared:

* First Response Fire & Safety experts
* Specialist First Response vehicles
* Fire Marshal provision and training
* Fire extinguisher provision, audit and inspection
* Fire equipment maintenance
* Fire surveys and fire risk assessments
* Qualified "first on-scene" First Aiders
* Efficient liaisons with emergency services.

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