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World class Fire Safety training to suit your business needs

Securitas specialise in the provision of operational fire fighting services and work alongside local authority fire services for fire cover arrangements to the public at large. This enables Securitas to design and deliver first aid fire fighting training to your staff and protect your investments. 

Fire Extinguisher Training 

The Securitas Fire Extinguisher Training Course provides the necessary information to attendees enabling them to make an informed decision as to when, how, what type and when not to use an extinguisher.

  • The training course includes:
  • How to identify common classes of fire
  • Selecting the correct extinguisher to use
  • Assessing whether it is safe to tackle a fire
  • How to extinguish it without putting yourself in danger.

Fire Warden/Marshal Training

Securitas delivers training at your premises, anywhere in the UK. Securitas training for Fire Wardens and Marshals has been designed for those persons who have been allocated fire safety responsibilities within their workplace and require fire safety training, evacuation procedures, prevention, and practical use of fire safety equipment. The course provides a more comprehensive level of fire safety training for staff, assisting employers by maintaining a high standard of fire safety and providing benefits to any emergency evacuation strategy or fire management plan. All fire warden courses comply with the requirements of the Fire Safety Order 2005, which makes training a legal requirement for all staff.