Mobile patrols: A real deterrent

Are you worried about trespassers and thieves? Protective Services Officers (PSOs) are at every turn, ready to detect and protect.

Security to go

As a visual and physical deterrent, uniformed mobile patrol officers in marked security vehicles are on constant watch. It goes without saying all officers are fully SIA-trained.

No corners cut

It's the smallest movement in the darkest shadow that patrol officers detect during planned patrol routes, carried out continually and randomly – so intruders never know what's around the corner.

Intruders aren't the only thing mobile patrols look out for. What about fire, floods and other threats? With SIA-trained officers, it's all in-hand.

Know the score

Our Guard Reporting System helps us keep an eye on everything. Barcodes placed at prime inspection points are scanned during patrols by officers, using rugged android devices.

You'll receive email updates, showing the time of the patrol and pictures, plus any other security concerns.

For extra peace of mind, mobile patrol vehicles are also fitted with a satellite tracking system.

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