Vacant property inspection and protection services

If your premises are lying empty during lockdown you may be worried about criminal damage. An empty property is also more vulnerable to undetected fires and flooding, vandalism, squatters, fly-tipping and there’s the added danger of legionella bacteria building up in stagnant water systems. To counteract these risks, your insurers may require you to implement vacant property management measures. You might also need to make arrangements for meter readings and contractor access – after all, when your workforce returns, you want them to come back to a fully functioning environment.

Some businesses have taken on extra manpower to secure empty property, but employing such services 24/7 is expensive. In contrast, our range of direct inspection and remote surveillance options can be tailored to provide a cost-effective solution to your needs.

Meet insurance requirements

Trust our experience to help you decide which combination of the following services meets your needs:

  • Regular, randomly timed mobile security officers in marked vehicles – an effective visual deterrent
  • Internal and external walk-throughs checking for damage and identifying causes; running taps and toilets to regularly flush fresh water through the system
  • Keyholding, locking and unlocking to provide access to authorised personnel
  • Taking meter readings
  • Remote surveillance and response.

We will inspect your property as often as you or your insurance company require and send you regular reports from the site. If our officers discover any issues they will respond quickly and alert you straight away.

With a 9000+ nationwide team, we can carry out vacant property checks on single or multiple sites in across the UK. 

World-class remote monitoring and response

Our Remote Video Solution combines high-quality CCTV surveillance with 24-hour remote monitoring and data analytics delivered by our industry leading Securitas Operations Centre (SOC). In the event of an incident, SOC will despatch mobile response units and co-ordinate with emergency services.

SOC can also monitor the connectivity and operation of your IP devices (including cameras, switches, servers, routers and hard drive performance). If a device goes offline, our remote technicians will try to resolve the issue before alerting you or despatching an engineer to the site.

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