Canine Services – time to unleash the experts

Is your business at risk? Do you need a general-purpose dog for a large and high-value area? Or one of our specialist search dogs to uncover firearms or contraband? Our expert canine team is the ultimate, high-profile deterrent.

Our range of services includes:

o General purpose security dog teams

  • Ideal for patrolling large areas, general purpose dogs can be deployed at short notice and are a high-profile deterrent
  • We work with trusted service partners across the UK to deliver consistent or ad-hoc canine support, anytime, anywhere
  • Our dogs can provide an effective short-term solution to failed or damaged security equipment

o Drugs detection dog teams

  • With the ability to be deployed on almost any site, our drug detection dogs are chosen and trained for their amazing abilities in finding all major drug substances
  • We can support your Human Resources team to enforce the company drug policy

o Explosives detection dog teams 

  • This canine team can be widely used across different industries. They can sweep event venues, large shopping centres or retail parks, ports and airports, as well as screening vehicles and people at venues and events for explosive devices
  • Securitas is the largest UK provider of Free Running Explosive Detection Dogs (FREDDs) and the company was the first organisation to achieve FREDDs certification. FREDDs are part of the Department for Transport’s (DfT) new aviation strategy and commitment to achieving a safe, secure and sustainable aviation sector
  • At airports, our dogs can quickly and effectively screen dense, irregular and large cargo under EU Regulation

o Specialist search dog teams

  • Can be trained to detect all types of dangerous, banned or illicit items including firearms and contraband at the customer’s request
  • These dogs can also provide efficient and cost-effective assistance in ecological surveys assisting biologists and conservationists, along with commercial organisations and property developers, with a need to survey greenfield land


Benefits of Securitas Canine Security

  • A ‘force multiplier’ – one dog can replace eight patrolling security officers
  • Our dogs support clients in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, retail, aviation and logistics, in addition to events
  • Securitas is the UK’s first and only government-certified FREDDs (Free Running Explosive Detection Dogs) provider screening aviation cargo
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Please note, all regulated aviation security services, including free running explosive detection dogs (FREDD) approved for use in aviation security by the Department for Transport, are delivered by specialist aviation company Securitas Transport Aviation Security (UK) Ltd (company number 6976172) which is registered in England and Wales at St James House, 13 Kensington Square, London, W8 5HD. More details here.