IncidentEye: Locate, monitor and protect remote employees during an emergency

Communication is key during an emergency, and with IncidentEye you can warn employees to avoid an area, send official government advice, and communicate live updates as you get them.

IncidentEye: Locate, monitor and protect employees during an emergency


Rapidly locate and protect your employees during an emergency or crisis, with IncidentEye a powerful smartphone app and monitoring Hub that helps you keep your employees safe and helps you meet your duty of care as an employer.


Check the location and status of employees, send tailored communications and prevent harm


If you manage a remote workforce, whether they are spread over a large geographical area, or operate as lone workers, contacting employees during an emergency can prove difficult.


IncidentEye collects the location of remote employees through the smartphone app, plotting the affected area in the Hub, to determine who is in or nearby a danger zone. The app prompts employees to advise if they are safe or in need of assistance, automatically updating the Hub so that you can effectively manage your employees during the incident or crisis.
You can manage IncidentEye as an in-house tool and we’ll still support you with a training pack. You can also use Securitas Operations Centre to manage the whole solution and service for you, from event monitoring to full incident management.

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