Anti-virus entry system

Unlike traditional fingerprint control systems, our anti-viral access door entry system does not rely on touch. More hygienic, less contamination.

Good hand hygiene unlocks anti-viral access

Good hand hygiene has long been essential for people working in healthcare, food preparation and hospitality. Now, the global pandemic has raised awareness of the importance of clean hands in every work environment – from offices and shops, to classrooms and construction sites. Help protect people when they return to work with an anti-viral access control system that encourages everyone to sanitise their hands before entering your premises.

Hygienically clean

Our anti-viral door entry system operates on a simple principle: no cleaning, no entry. Easy to install, it ensures nobody gains access without first using the sanitiser device provided. And unlike traditional fingerprint and some biometric access controls, this access mechanism does not require physical touch.
It’s an economical physical access control system that reduces the spread of infection and reassures employees, visitors and customers that you care about their wellbeing.
  • Process up to 30 people per minute
  • Electrical signal triggers entry following hand sanitisation
  • Can be used as a standalone hygiene station
  • Safe, low voltage operation

Don't let infection through the door

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