Occupancy Management Solutions

Our Occupancy Management Solutions help businesses to keep people at a safe distance by automatically counting the individuals entering and leaving an area, with clear ‘Wait/Go’ instructions to manage capacity.

Working safely during pandemic

Government guidelines require most UK workplaces to calculate how many people can occupy their floorspace, keeping 2m apart at all times. Monitoring and managing this is particularly demanding where footfall is usually high in retail, dining areas and toilets, or where space is limited in meeting or changing rooms.

How it works

Wherever you need to control the flow of people, our Occupancy Management Solutions can make this a simple process. All options:

  • Continually monitor individuals in and out
  • Display the total capacity - set by you
  • Display the current number of people inside
  • Use a visual traffic light system - green for go, red for wait
  • Top down or person-facing cameras to suit environment.
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