Remote escort: Fear no more

Working late or arriving early? Need to cross a deserted area?

Don’t look back

Ever had that sinking feeling you're being followed? With a remote escort watching every shadow and guarding your every move, you'll never look back.

You’re protected

Carefully placed cameras link to our secure operations centre. The moment we monitor anything suspicious, we'll raise the alarm.

Lone workers

Looking for more protection? Get extra support through:

• Specialist advice on devices for your environment
• Alarm monitoring, 24/7
• Employee protection
• Tracking and tracing assets
• Support with user risk assessments
• Escalation and emergency response.

Compliant with lone worker monitoring (BS8484), we produce reports and support training to help you meet HSE standards. Your information is protected through our secure Information Security Management System, meeting ISO 27001:2013.

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