Remote Video Solutions: proactive business security

Enhance security for your business by combining our high-quality video surveillance systems with the added benefits of analytics, 24-hour security monitoring and proactive incident management.

Key benefits at a glance:

  • High quality CCTV equipment, based on future-proof IP video technology
  • Installation, maintenance and automatic health checks, all included
  • 24/7 system monitoring by the Securitas Operations Centre (SOC)
  • View your cameras wherever you are via an App or web browser
  • Choice of three RVS packages (View, Go, Pro) to suit your business requirements
  • Customise your RVS package by adding a host of remote security services
  • Fully managed end-to-end by Securitas.


How it works: deter, detect, delay, respond

  1. High Definition (HD) security cameras provide coverage of critical areas.
  2. The network of cameras and other sensors is connected to the SOC.
  3. Potential threats are identified by cameras and analysed based on predefined criteria.
  4. When necessary, an operator within the SOC is alerted and takes action to manage the threat.

Ready to respond through remote services

We believe the key to effective business security lies in people and technology working together to proactively prevent incidents. That’s why, unlike traditional standalone CCTV systems, our Remote Video Solutions have a secure connection to our Securitas Operations Centre (SOC).

Our highly skilled operators use live video footage to watch over your site, investigate alarms and carry out a host of preventative security services. These services can be tailored to suit your needs and include:
  • Alarm verification/video verification
  • Remote area protection
  • Remote video patrols
  • Remote security escort
  • Remote entry/exit management
  • Business intelligence through intelligent analytics.

A standardised solution, fully managed by Securitas

With thousands of installations across the globe, you can rest assured that our Remote Video Solutions are cost-efficient and fully compliant with cyber security and data privacy legislation.

Installations, maintenance, monitoring and remote services are handled by us, reducing the time and hassle of managing multiple supplier relationships. And with Securitas managing your system remotely - we can alert you to security threats, closely monitor system health, carry out performance checks and address technical issues - without ever needing to visit your site.

Which service suits you?

RVS View: For organisations with cameras already in place
RVS View turns an evidential IP-based CCTV system into a more responsive and effectual security measure. This is done through the addition of a connection to the Securitas Operations Centre for monitoring and delivery of remote services.

RVS Go: For small to medium-sized companies (supports up to 16 cameras)
The RVS Go package allows clients to have access to the complete range of remote services and includes new camera hardware, ongoing system maintenance and monitoring.

RVS Pro: For companies with high security needs (supports unlimited cameras)
RVS Pro is intended for organisations requiring an integrated, fully managed Video Monitoring Service (VMS). It is compatible with over 5,000 camera models, thanks to the industry-leading Milestone Video Management platform at its centre.

Integration with other security services

RVS is just one element of Securitas’ broader spectrum of protective services combining on-site, mobile and remote guarding with electronic security solutions, fire and safety, and corporate risk management.

Remotely interested?

Contact us today. Following a site survey and risk analysis, we’ll recommend the RVS package that best suits your individual and operational needs. 
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