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Remote Video Solutions (RVS) - smart security

Our Remote Video Solutions (RVS) keep you one step ahead as we protect your assets, people and property.

RVS are standardised, cost-effective, remote video surveillance services which include:

  • Alarm verification
  • Entry/exit management
  • Area protection
  • Video patrolling
  • Security escorts
  • Business intelligence

Standardised solution

Our corporate, standardised solution for video surveillance (CCTV) is based on future-proof IP video technology.

A standard component in all our integrated security solutions, CCTV helps us make the best use of our officers, can help prevent incidents, and is cost-effective and fully compliant with cyber security and data privacy legislation.

All of this to keep you, your business and your people safe.

Managed by Securitas

Say hello to an RVS solution fully managed by Securitas. We take full responsibility for on-site installations, to maintenance, operations and remote services as well as technology investments.

Say goodbye to dealing with several suppliers and a confusing mix of service level agreements and key performance indicators.

Integration with other security services

RVS is just one element of Securitas’ broader spectrum of protective services combining on-site, mobile and remote guarding with electronic security solutions, fire and safety, and corporate risk management.

Which service suits you?

We provide different RVS solutions based on your needs:

RVS PRO: For high security

Open, full integration API remote video solution for high and complex security needs, fully managed by us. Go Pro.

RVS GO: For ease

A cost-efficient, easily set-up, remote video service for small to medium-sized systems, also fully managed by us. Go for ease.

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