TWIG Embody: the wearable personal safety alarm

TWIG Embody is a wearable personal alarm device designed for multiple different types of lone worker. Excellent operating times even with frequent GPS polling are achieved through advanced technology and its large-capacity battery.

 As an employer, it is imperative that lone workers are protected and have a way of raising the alarm if they need help. TWIG Embody is the ideal solution incorporating an automatic ‘person down’ function which triggers if the user is incapacitated and an ‘Amber Alert’ enhanced monitoring function which the user can activate if they are entering a high risk situation.

Using the device couldn’t be easier with its various wear options suited to different workers:

  • TWIG Embody ID – A discreet personal alarm with identification badge holder and ripcord alarm, well suited for safety of front office and health care staff and social workers
  • TWIG Embody Pendant - This personal alarm with lanyard and ripcord alarm is easy to carry and quick to reach and activate if needed
  • TWIG Embody Hook – Device is clipped on, or secured around belt with a Velcro loop
  • TWIG Embody Wrist - Ideal for people active at work, travel or outdoors. On-screen messages from service centre are notified by a beep and vibration and can be read instantly
  • TWIG Embody Clip – Device can be clipped on belt, and easily detached to check on-screen message or to hand over at end of shift
  • TWIG Embody Embed - personal alarm attaches to personal clothing or sportswear for easy access by user.
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