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Fire Extinguishers

Your premises have to be equipped with fire extinguishers, it’s a legal requirement. How many and what type depends on the size of your site and what activities take place there. Our fire safety experts can advise you on this so you can be confident that you are fully compliant.

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We can supply and install cost-effective and sustainable Securitas P50 fire extinguishers. These are multipurpose foam and dry powder type so they’re suitable for many different types of fire. Manufactured in the UK, they are made from Kevlar, making them very robust but lightweight. P50 extinguishers don’t need an annual service (so you save on maintenance costs) and they can be totally recycled at the end of their 20-year life span.

These extinguishers are designed to be easy to use but we are able to provide fire training to ensure that your staff know how and when to use them.

We are BAFE SP101 accredited which means we can provide installation, maintenance and commissioning for all other types of fire extinguishers and, if appropriate, make sure that you have a suitable maintenance schedule.


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