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Protection for lone workers

If your employees need to work alone, visiting clients, empty offices, isolated locations or even at home, you have a responsibility for their health, safety and wellbeing. With our lone worker alarm devices, connected to our monitoring centre, their safety is increased should an incident require attention, as we are just a button-push away.

Identifying the risks 

When considering the safety of your staff, you must think about the risks they may face while working; and also about the people they come into contact with, e.g. do they often face abuse or meet strangers? Is the environment they are in isolated, remote or somewhere they haven’t been before? Do they have medical conditions that increase the chance of falls or need for urgent attention?  If they face any kind of risk in order to do their job, our complete personal alarm service will provide peace of mind for both employee and employer.

Lone Worker devices offered by Securitas

Benefits of this lone worker solution & monitoring

  • The lone worker app, StaySafe Loneworker, is a smart phone app available to download on IOS and android.
  • Alarm notifications can be activated via no motion or the lone worker can raise an alert themselves via the panic button, depending on the situation.
  • Session timers allow an alarm to be raised even if the phone is lost or destroyed.
  • With our 24/7 monitoring and trained responders, the lone worker is always in safe hands no matter what time of day.
  • This is a low-cost, scalable and flexible solution which is already used across many industries including estate agents and healthcare workers and those at low - medium risk.

StaySafe smartphone lone worker app & Safety Monitoring

Using the Staysafe lone worker alarm with Securitas’ monitoring service provides companies with a personal protection control measure that allows lone workers to check-in and request immediate assistance if they are faced with an emergency. If a lone worker’s alarm is raised, we will have worked with the client to tailor a response plan to suit both the business and individual’s needs. Treating each employee as an unique case ensures the safest outcome should an alarm be raised.

Benefits of this lone worker device for the business

Protecting your people, means protecting your business:

  • In the case of an accident at work the business could be found accountable for damages incurred through injury or death, which can be costly both financially and in terms of reputation.
  • To encourage usage and ensure personal safety is at the centre of our solution, unlike some other providers we don’t charge for false alarm activations, false alarms happen.
  • Our control centre respondents are trained in line with the emergency services procedures to ensure a calm and proactive handling of all alarm notifications for the most professional service.
  • As time is of the essence, we have direct lines of communication to the Police if there is a need for emergency assistance.
  • With these planning and protection measures in place serious incidents can be prevented, don’t wait for an accident to occur - it’s already too late.
Remote protection with lone worker devices

Simple steps to get lone worker devices set up

  1. Get in touch today, through our contact form, to learn more about how lone worker devices can help your business.
  2. Have a call with one of our security experts who, through our free security risk assessment, can identify your requirements and advise on the best solution for you.
  3. Decide on the specifics, sign up for one of our security contracts and the services can commence often within 24hrs.

Ensuring we’re always moving with you

Due to current social distancing guidelines, furloughed or redundant employees, and businesses moving to predominantly working from home, more people are working alone either in an empty office or out in the field. This has meant new measures must be put in place to meet the legal duty of care for employees’ safety. In these continually challenging times, although this may not have previous been a requirement this is now a must for many businesses. Whether this is an interim solution or something to implement more long-term, our contracts are flexible to change with you.

Peace of mind

send an enquiry today to start your quote and to find out how we combine cutting edge technology with real time intelligence to keep you and your business safe.

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