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Keep people safe on their return to work

Apply social distancing in the workplace and manage the flow of visitors and employees with our remote video solution. This fully managed video surveillance system comes with intelligent video analytics and audio safety reminders.

24/7 monitoring and audio safety warnings

Our Remote Video Solution allows you to combine high-quality video surveillance with the added benefits of analytics, 24-hour remote monitoring and preventative incident management.

  • Our core package includes installation, maintenance and health checks.
  • HD cameras (indoor & outdoor).
  • Compact video recorder.
  • Remote management using an app.
  • Real-time alerts.
  • Access to live video stream using the app.

Monitored 24/7 by our Securitas Operations Centre, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that skilled operators are keeping a watchful eye on the health and performance of your security system.

You can even receive real-time alerts when workspaces become crowded, segregation lines are crossed or assigned zones reach capacity. And with the addition of speakers, we can broadcast safety warnings or reminders on demand and at set times.


Optional additions include:

  • Video analytics for people tracking / aiding social distancing
  • Audio announcements to issue safety advice or ward off intruders
  • Keyholding and alarm response to reduce the risk to you and your staff by trusting our Mobile Security officers to securely store your building keys and respond to alarm activations on your behalf.

Are you prepared?

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Peace of mind

send an enquiry today to start your quote and to find out how we combine cutting edge technology with real time intelligence to keep you and your business safe.
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