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Welcome to Securitas Workplace - a new way to make conversations at work easier.

What is Workplace and what can it do for you?

  • It's a place where you can easily communicate with colleagues in Securitas.
  • It's available 24/7 through two Apps (one for profile and news and another one for chats) or by using an Internet browser on your computer.
  • Facebook and Workplace are very similar, but different. Workplace is a secure business tool only for employees of Securitas. No ads or friend requests, all content is owned by Securitas.
  • Contact colleagues easily via chat, video or in groups.workplace logo 720 x 340.jpg

What are the best bits of Workplace?

  • Groups
  • News feed
  • Chat


Groups allow you to post updates to all of your colleagues quickly and easily. It will allow us to enhance cross-team collaboration, provide a place to provide feedback and speed up decision making. Join the groups that are most important to your team or your role to ensure you are always up to date. 


Workplace News gathers conversations from all your groups, so that you’ll never miss an update or comments from your closest co-workers. 


Work Chat allows you to have 1-1 text and video conversations and conversations with larger groups of people.
workplce 720-x-340-fists.png

Where do I start?

You can use Workplace to share news, discuss ideas, ask questions, provide updates and chat to colleagues across the business.
Everything you write on Workplace is in a group.
Although some groups will be common for everyone across the world [ALL] most of our groups will be for [UK].
When you login you'll see you are already a member of some of our favourite [UK] groups: [UK] News, [UK] Hub and [UK] Benefits.
Don't worry - Workplace is easy to use and you can check out [ALL] Workplace tip and tricks for help, too!


Connecting employees

Welcome to Workplace - a new way to make conversations at work easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get onto Workplace?

The web address for Workplace is:

What login details do I need?

If you have a Securitas email address (, use it as your username when logging in. Your password for Workplace is the same as your Securitas password.
Otherwise, your username is set up in the following format: first name/lastname/six digit employee,
Your password is your six digit employee pin followed by your National Insurance (NI) number - all uppercase and no spaces. Example: Employee pin 012345 and NI number AB987654C = password 012345AB987654C

My password and username don’t work.

Contact the IT helpdesk via

I want to change my password.

If you have a Securitas email address (, changing  your laptop access password will automatically change your Workplace password. If you don't have a Securitas work email address, please visit and enter your username, current password and new password.
Please note: if you have a Securitas work email address, please do not use the above web link for resetting password as it may cause issues with your work email and laptop access.

I've forgotten my password.

If you forget your password or face any other logging issues, please email

Isn’t Workplace the same as Facebook? I don’t want my Facebook account to be linked to my Workplace account.

Workplace has been developed by the same company that runs Facebook, which is why it looks and feels similar.  But Workplace and Facebook are not connected in any way. What you share to your Workplace account can only be seen by people at work.
Remember Securitas cannot access your personal Facebook account.

Can I use it on my mobile?

Yes – you can use Workplace on both computers and mobile phones. Some minor functions are not available on the mobile version. Workplace and Workplace Chat are available as apps to download to your mobile phone.

I need to change some information on my profile – how do I do this?

You can change your profile information by clicking on the About tab on your profile page (under your name and photo). You can change your profile picture by clicking on the existing one and then click on ‘Update profile picture’. For key information changes such as your name, department, job title etc. you will need to let the IT Helpdesk know what is incorrect and what the right information is.
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