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Fire alarm systems

Electronic fire detection

It’s simple. Fire alarms save lives. We offer design, installation, maintenance and monitoring of commercial fire alarm systems to protect your people and keep your business safe from the danger and disruption fire can cause.

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Why do I need a fire alarm?

If a fire breaks out at your premises, being notified as soon as possible is paramount. The sooner you know about a fire, the quicker it can be dealt with, and the lower the risk of potentially disastrous consequences.

What are the key benefits of fire alarm systems?

  • Early detection

    Ready to alert you to the first signs of fire on your premises

  • Instant warning

    Raising the alarm to those in immediate danger

  • 24/7 monitoring

    Alerting keyholders and the emergency services

  • Life safety

    Giving occupants the best chance of staying safe

  • Critical compliance

    Meeting your insurance and legal responsibilities

  • Business continuity

    Minimising disruption to the running of your business

How do fire alarms work?

Fire alarms are designed to detect the early signs of a fire (smoke and heat) and notify building occupants of the need to evacuate immediately. Systems are typically made up of detection devices such as heat detectors and smoke alarms, all of which are connected to a central fire alarm panel.

Are there different types of fire alarms?

There are two main types of fire alarm; addressable fire alarm systems and conventional fire alarm systems. Addressable systems are when all linked devices have an ‘address’ or location programmed into the system. This means if a device is triggered, the panel will show exactly which device it was and where it is in the building. Conventional systems don’t allow you to pinpoint which device has been triggered. Instead, areas of the building are sectioned into ‘zones.’

What are my legal responsibilities?

As an employer, business owner or landlord, you are classed as the Responsible Person. This means you hold the legal responsibility to ensure a sufficient level of fire protection is provided at your premises. The mandatory fire safety requirements for all commercial and public premises are outlined within the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and Approved Document B.

These documents include guidance for Responsible Persons on how to reduce the risk of fire by putting in place appropriate fire safety measures. This typically starts with the completion of a fire risk assessment by a Competent Person, which will produce recommendations such as installing a fire alarm and ensuring it is regularly tested and maintained. A Competent Person can be an individual or organisation with appropriate training and knowledge of fire safety legislation.

At Securitas, we have a team of Competent People who are trained and qualified to advise you on your fire safety needs. This includes the design, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems that meet the latest fire industry standards. We work to the requirements of British Standard BS 5839 - which is divided into several parts depending on the setting and specific function of the fire protection system.

These parts include:

BS 5839 Part 1 - Fire detection and fire alarm systems in non-domestic premises

BS 5839 Part 6 - Fire detection and fire alarm systems in domestic premises

BS 5839 Part 8 - Voice alarm systems

BS 5839 Part 9 - Disabled Refuge (emergency voice communication systems)

We also hold knowledge and experience of several other fire standards, such as:

BS 6266 - Fire detection in electronic equipment installations (such as server rooms)

BS 7273 Part 4 - Actuation of release mechanisms for doors

BS 7273 Part 6 - Interface with ancillary fire systems and equipment

HTM 05 03 - Fire detection and fire alarm systems in hospitals and heath sector buildings


Fire alarm systems by Securitas UK   

No matter where you are in the UK, or what protective services you require, we’re ready to work with you and help make your world a safer place. Simply fill in our contact form below and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your individual requirements.   


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