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Perimeter detection

The perimeter of your property is the first layer of defence. With the right design and solution deployment, it can be the key to preventing external security threats. Our perimeter detection systems use intelligent electronic sensors to provide an early warning to any potential breach and complement physical measures such as fences and gates.

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What is perimeter security and when is it required?

The perimeter of a property is one of the key locations where physical security measures and electronic security technology can be applied to protect both people and facilities. Physical and natural barriers (such as high fences and vegetation) are typically installed to add an extra layer of protection to a large site - or a location where a high level of security is necessary to keep out intruders and ensure only authorised personnel can gain access.

While a physical perimeter or fence line is an effective means of deterring unwanted activity, these are typically extensive, and it can be challenging to ensure all areas of the perimeter are monitored at all times of the day. Without some method of perimeter intrusion detection, it can present an opportunity for trespassers to gain unwanted entry into a secure facility.


What is a perimeter intruder detection system and how do they work?

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) are designed to detect activity along a site perimeter that indicates a potential breach, then provide an early warning to the occupants and deter intruders before they enter the site.

Perimeter detection sensors can take several forms. A fence intruder detection system (or fence vibration detection system) involves the installation of perimeter motion detectors and beams onto the fence line to detect vibrations caused by climbing or cutting along the fence line. A buried cable intrusion detection system detects human movement along/across the fence line using cables buried underneath the ground that sense for weight and vibrations in the earth.

If triggered, both technologies work like a fence alarm system and will send alerts to security staff who are able to react quickly to the threat and prevent it from progressing.

Pre-planning for a potential intrusion by installing perimeter protection provides better knowledge of the threat and more time to prepare the appropriate response.


A properly designed perimeter security system should:

Understanding your perimeter detection needs

Before implementing new perimeter detection measures, or modifying existing measures, we recommended that your organisation understands why measures are required and how they will help mitigate the risks faced. This process should also consider environmental and geographical constraints at the location to ensure measures will function effectively. It is important to remember that physical security measures are only part of an effective perimeter solution.

They must be implemented in a manner that supports organisational processes, both security and site operation, and the activities of security officers. When designing PIDS, it is also important to understand how internal teams and support agencies (such as the Police) will respond to incidents. Wherever possible, we recommend deploying multiple layers of protection around the site perimeter. This includes integrating with other technologies and deterrents, such as video surveillance, video analytics and defensive planting.


Where is perimeter detection commonly used?

Perimeter detection systems are most commonly used where security is paramount; here are some examples of sectors where this technology is regularly deployed:

  • Defence and aerospace
  • Critical national infrastructure
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Schools and universities
  • Prisons and correctional facilities

Perimeter detection by Securitas UK   

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