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Around the world, video is a deployed as a powerful tool for deterring, monitoring and responding to security threats. With global expertise in video surveillance solutions, we help businesses across the UK gain best value from the most advanced video technology available on the market today.

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Intelligent CCTV and video surveillance

The modern-day security surveillance system offers more than just a watchful eye

Gone are the days of manual monitoring, bulky cameras and blurry images. Today, the advantages of video over IP are pushing the security industry forward. The latest CCTV systems for business and public safety applications offer a number of superior features, ranging from High Definition (HD) image quality to deep learning Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Continual advances in video technology are largely thanks to the evolution of digital connectivity, which has accelerated the development of telecommunication networks across the globe and shifted the market away from traditional analogue CCTV systems.

Here at Securitas UK, our specialist electronic security team works with well-established video surveillance manufacturers and proven software developers to help our clients harness these innovations - providing design and installation, maintenance and monitoring, and advanced integration.


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CCTV v IP video: What’s the difference?

Understanding how traditional and modern security cameras operate starts with learning the difference between CCTV and IP video.

What does CCTV stand for?

CCTV stands for Closed-Circuit Television. A CCTV recording system is made up of indoor and outdoor video cameras that are positioned to record video footage for the purpose of monitoring criminal activity. Footage is transmitted to a recorder, which stores the footage and is connected to a monitor for live viewing and playback. The term ‘closed-circuit’ applies because the footage is unable to be broadcast anywhere outside of the system.

While the term ‘CCTV’ is still used extensively, modern video surveillance systems are no longer restricted to a closed-circuit set up and instead use internet-based networks.

What does IP stand for?

IP stands for Internet Protocol - a set of communication rules which dictate how data is transferred across a digital network. An IP security camera system uses an IP network to transmit larger amounts of data and footage, at higher resolutions and frame rates, than is possible with an older security camera system. There’s an instantly noticeable difference in quality - and once you see this for yourself - you’ll understand why IP cameras have become the leading type of video technology for security, safety and monitoring purposes.

Video surveillance by Securitas UK   

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