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Video Management Systems

If your organisation is looking to unite the management of multiple security systems across one or more sites, investing in a Video Management System can turn this ambition into a reality. Through cutting-edge video monitoring, we’ll help you gain total control over the security of your estate.

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What is a Video Management System?

At the centre of your security solution

A Video Management System (VMS) helps organisations with extensive security systems to streamline the management of surveillance cameras, alarms and access control doors by integrating them into one, central platform. Also known as Video Management Software, this technology makes it possible to connect, manage, monitor and analyse thousands of cameras and security devices, installed in multiple locations, anywhere in the world.


Who uses Video Management Systems?

Traditionally, businesses would employ CCTV operators to monitor security cameras from a control room located on the premises itself. While this type of CCTV monitoring is still happening today, as surveillance requirements have become more sophisticated and technology has continued to evolve, there is a stronger focus on making security more cost-effective - especially for larger companies with an increasing number of risks to consider.

Through the use of VMS software, we help forward-thinking organisations to significantly enhance their security management by upgrading outdated equipment and integrating it into open, scalable platforms from the world’s leading security software developers.

When designing solutions for comprehensive video management, we typically work with Security Managers and Facilities Managers, whose responsibility is to ensure 24/7 protection for a large premises or multi-site estate. This could encompass sites throughout the UK or extend to a cross-border solution where an organisation’s desire is to achieve security standardisation across multiple countries.


What are the benefits of Video Management Systems?

  • Unified

    View cameras, control access and respond to alarms, all from a single interface.

  • Open

    Integrate thousands of products from the leading security manufacturers for a truly customised solution.

  • Scalable

    Add cameras, doors, alarms and video analytics as your security requirements evolve, helping you stay future proof.

  • Remote

    Access your systems remotely from wherever you are in the world. Ideal for large security teams and integration with alarm monitoring services.

  • Cost-efficient

    By consolidating systems and streamlining day to day security procedures, you can prioritise events, save time and reduce overall costs.

  • Flexible

    VMS software can be hosted on premises, on your own servers or in the Cloud, giving you flexible options for storage and data management.

The path to Cloud-based video management

Increasingly, many organisations are choosing to host their Video Management Software in the Cloud. Often referred to as Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), the ability to store surveillance footage and security data in the Cloud provides an alternative to physical recording hardware installed on premises. Where there is a need to incorporate both Cloud-based and on premises storage, this is known as a hybrid VMS solution.

Video Management Systems by Securitas UK   

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