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Video analytics

Driven by deep learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the development of video analytics software has transformed the capabilities of traditional surveillance. By staying at the edge of innovation, we can help you experience the benefits of enhanced business intelligence through powerful video analytics.

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Intelligent video analytics for your business

Achieve more than just security intelligence

Most people associate video surveillance and CCTV with its most basic function - capturing criminal activity on camera. But thanks to the rapid evolution of security technology and CCTV analytics, utilising video for security and safety purposes is now just the tip of the iceberg.

Video analytics enable you to receive valuable and actionable insights from your security footage. Hosted on servers or on board the cameras themselves, Video analytics software enables a variety of analytical features to be overlaid onto a camera’s field of view. The most common use of analytics is to detect the movement of people, objects and vehicles, which can also generate alerts that you can respond to in real-time. More advanced features include facial recognition and Automatic Number Plate Recognition, in addition to behavioural analytics such as loitering detection, people counting and heat mapping.


How can video analytics add value to your business?

The intelligence gained from installing video cameras on your premises is totally dependent on your reason for monitoring an area in the first place. As well as keeping an eye on potential security threats, have you ever thought about using video to assist with other operational tasks? Picture using your security cameras to:

  • Keep track of regular deliveries
  • Monitor productivity and increase efficiency
  • Ensure correct health and safety procedures are being followed
  • Manage occupancy and social distancing
  • Analyse customer behaviour and identify trends
  • Record vehicles entering and exiting your site
  • Make your premises a safer place for staff, visitors and customers

By introducing analytics, you can maximise value from your security systems by using them in a much more proactive and extensive way. This also opens doors to further optimising your buildings and managing the costs associated with running them.


What are the main types of video analytics?

Motion Tracking

Set a pre-defined area in your camera’s field of view. If a person or vehicle enters the area, you’ll receive alerts that enable you to respond in real time. Idea for monitoring activity in vulnerable locations or near to high value assets.

Object Tracking

Follow the movement of people or vehicles in front of a camera. By intelligently learning the typical view, the camera will only track movement of real interest, eliminating false alarms that could be caused by environmental factors such as swaying vegetation.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Often used at site entry points, barriers and in car parks, ANPR enables you to identify vehicles by recording licence plates via CCTV cameras. This is most effective for access control and traffic management purposes.

Cross Line Detection

Create a virtual tripwire and receive alerts when people or vehicles cross into a specific area of your site. Ideal for monitoring trespassing into private property and restricted areas.

Loitering Detection

Using motion tracking technology, this feature is used to trigger an alert if someone has been loitering in an area for too long - such as near your site perimeter, in a car park or outside entry points.

Removed Item Detection

Do you have static assets that could be a target for theft? Individual items can be protected with analytics that detect and alert to the removal of the item from its usual position.

Facial Recognition

Through the power of artificial intelligence, face recognition enables you to identify known and unknown individuals. It can be applied in several ways, from identifying people of interest and tracking their movements, to clocking in staff arriving for work.

People Counting

Forming part of an occupancy management solution, people counting enables you to keep track of the number of people entering and exiting an area, such as an office, exhibition space or retail store.

Heat Mapping

Commonly used to monitor footfall in retail environments, heat map video analytics can help you to understand customer behaviour and gain valuable insights to increase sales and improve operational efficiency.


Video analytics tailored to your business needs

With so many possibilities now available, our team of experts are here to help you identify the most appropriate application of CCTV analytics for your organisation. In addition to key security considerations, we’ll look at ways to gain added value from your systems, so you can make improvements in other areas such as operations and health and safety.

Intelligent video analytics by Securitas UK   

No matter where you are in the UK, or what protective services you require, we’re ready to work with you and help make your world a safer place. Simply fill in our contact form below and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your individual requirements.

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