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Verify visitors, protect your people and secure sensitive areas of your business premises. It’s all possible with access control. Discover how our range of access systems can help you enhance security and gain valuable occupancy data.

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What is access control security?

Access control is a type of electronic security system that enables organisations to control who can access a building, open a door or enter a specific area. There are many types of access system, from door entry systems that use electronic locks and intercoms, to gates, barriers, turnstiles and more advanced biometric technology.

To gain entry, a person must have the correct access control credentials. For example, there may be areas of your building which are for employees only. By providing employees with a means to open the door, such as a key code, access card or proximity fob, your people, assets and intellectual property remain protected from anyone that doesn’t have authorisation.

And when used in conjunction with other security systems such as video and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) analytics, you can receive the benefits of more secure dual-factor authentication and vehicle access control.


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Why is access control important - especially for businesses?

Access control is one of the most commonly deployed security measures. After all, you should always maintain control over who can enter your premises, when, and what areas of the building they are allowed to gain entry to. Without some form of access control, your people, assets and intellectual property are all at risk of becoming exposed.

The deployment and selection of access control components should vary depending upon the risk profile of your property. For example, a high-risk building may include a number of different access methods, whereas a lower risk area may require a simpler solution.

But it’s not just about security. Data from your access control software allows you to gain valuable insights into how different areas of your buildings are being used on a daily basis. For example, you can see which areas are received the highest footfall. You can generate roll-call reports on who’s in the building at any time. You can even monitor what time your staff clock in and out of work for HR and audit purposes.


Maximising data security through physical access control

Here at Securitas, we believe it’s vital for access control companies to remind clients of the importance of access control when it comes to protecting critical data. In the world of information technology, there are thousands of software products designed to stop hackers from accessing your network. But your data is only truly secure if there are physical access control procedures in place to prevent someone from simply walking into your building and plugging in a memory stick into a PC and extracting information from your network.

By considering electronic access control alongside cyber security measures, you can minimise the risk of any data breach being caused by external factors.

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