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Fire and Safety Risk assessment

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire? Rocking around the Christmas Tree? Decking the Halls? However you and your colleagues plan to celebrate the festive season at work this year, spare a moment to think about fire and safety. Here we share a few timely reminders and tips to help ensure this season is memorable for all the right reasons.

Don’t worry, the Grinch had no part in the writing of this blog! We’re all for businesses making the most of the opportunity to brighten up dark winter days with lights, decorations and festive get togethers. However, amidst all the excitement it’s easy to overlook potential risks. So even if you don't think that Christmas Elf & Safety (sorry, hard to resist) is your responsibility, please read on…

Electrical items – twinkling fairy lights and patio heaters can transform any space, but so can a fire (and no one wants that). Don’t overload sockets or put anything on top of appliances, make sure no wires are left exposed and get electrical appliances, including those fairy lights, PAT tested.

Decorations – paper chains, green garlands, trailing tinsel, cinnamon scented candles… festive flourishes are a lovely touch, but are they also a fire or trip hazard? Say no to naked flames and keep all decorations away from computers, power sources, alarm sensors and anything else that they could obstruct or interfere with.

Christmas trees – decorate with care to avoid fire risk (see above) and position it carefully too, don’t block any fire exits or impede access in any other way. Make sure the tree is firmly secured as well.

Parties – if you’re trying to create space for a buffet in the boardroom or a free bar in the finance department (unlikely, I know) make a proper plan. Don’t let furniture or equipment hamper evacuation or access to fire extinguishers. And if your event is taking place out of hours, check whether any areas will be locked or inaccessible and signpost alternative fire safety routes as appropriate.

When the party’s over – assign someone sensible to do a safety check at the end of each day/night, including switching off Christmas lights etc.

Before driving home for Christmas – if your premises are going to be empty or only have a skeleton staff during the break, test your fire & security alarms and make sure anyone authorised to access the premises knows how to set/turn off alarm systems.

Looking ahead to 2024

If all this has got you wondering if your company’s approach to fire safety and security is as good as it could be, we can help you find out for sure. Our fire and security services start with a Risk Assessment to get the full picture of what procedures, protocols and equipment are legally (and morally) required to protect your premises and people from the risks of fire. From there, we can provide everything you need including fire safety compliance, staff training and the supply, installation and maintenance of all necessary equipment such as alarms and extinguishers. We also offer a remote monitoring service so that in the event of a fire we can take rapid action to minimise the impact. Interested? Why not make it a New Year’s Resolution to get in touch with our fire safety experts to find out more.

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