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STARS: Elevating your customer service

In our fast-paced world, first impressions matter more than ever. For anyone that visits your premises, that initial interaction sets the tone of the entire experience with your business, so you want it to be memorable for all the right reasons.

In addition, we live in a world where safely is paramount, anyone visiting or working at your premises has the right to feel safe and this responsibly may fall to the security personnel. But what if it was possible to have a world where both roles are merged into one? Our STARS (Security Trained Assistance and Reception Services) understand the importance of leaving a lasting impression on any visitor from the moment they arrive in reception all whilst prioritising security, seamlessly combining multiple roles in one.

Is your front of house area living up to your business expectations? See why it may be time to take a closer inspection.

What impression are your front of house individuals giving?

First impressions can make or break how you feel about something, that’s why you want your reception personnel to be your greatest brand ambassadors. How they make everyone who enters your business feel can affect every interaction thereafter. Do you want staff to start their day with a smile? Do you want potential clients to feel important and cared for before they make it to the boardroom?

STARS ensure that every interaction with colleagues, clients, or visitors begins on a high note. Their exceptional customer service creates an atmosphere of hospitality and professionalism, leaving a positive lasting impression.

Are your guests stepping into safety?

Front of house is the doorway to your business and needs to be correctly managed at all times. Understanding the need for fantastic customer service alongside meticulous safety measures and protocols is key to ensuring your building is a safe environment. That's precisely what our STARS offer. They are not just receptionists or security officers – they are highly skilled individuals who adeptly handle security duties, administrative tasks, and reception responsibilities to the highest standards.

Do your staff provide resilience in an emergency?

Like most front of house receptionists our STARS come predominantly from customer service backgrounds to provide an impeccable five star service to your guests. But should anything happen on site, be it a safety breach, fire alarm evacuation or worse, are they now bystanders or prepared to help respond?

Security threats are a reality for businesses of all sizes, whether you’re a large, medium, or small enterprise. STARS are trained to identify and respond to security risks effectively meaning they can provide the much-needed security element to a business for smaller sites or increase the number of trained professionals able to deal with the situation as part of a wider security team.

Is your building receiving the 5-star treatment?

One lightbulb is out, the water machine is empty where does it end? A thorough and consistent approach to building maintenance is more than just a task list. A well-maintained environment that matches your business standards not only ensure the appropriate safety checks are being made and the building is fit for purpose but the attention to detail will also not go unnoticed by your guests, ensuring they don't leave wondering where else you are cutting corners.

Are you staff engaged and fully utilised?

Do you find that the list of tasks to be a carried out on site doesn’t require full time support or seems to be mixed between functions, or you’ve experienced staff being unmotivated and seeking more responsibility?

STARS offer a wide range of services, including front-of-house tasks, security duties, and administrative support ensuring seamless operations across your organisation. By combining roles such as reception, administration, and security into one, STARS offer a cost-effective solution for businesses. In turn you will find our STARS are more engaged with their roles with multiple responsibilities and day to day duties, continual self and supported development, and training – STARS are highly motivated members of the team.

Are STARS in your eyes?

With STARS, you're not just investing in a service; you're investing in a partnership dedicated to elevating your organisation's customer experience, internal and external stakeholder engagement, security, and reputation. Get in touch to see how STARS could elevate your guest experience.

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