Corporate Risk Management: Globally

Combining cutting-edge technology with top security intelligence, our global network of experts covers every risk.

Protect your assets

Experience is everything. Our risk experts are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry, identifying and protecting all areas that threaten your business and its operation.

Hazards and events, technology and information, markets and economies, operational and physical risks... nothing is left to chance.

Global reach, local expertise

Our global network of security risk experts are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry.

Experience is everything

Working with large and small clients, well-known global brands and local companies we can mitigate risks before they become threats, act in real time when needed giving you peace of mind that Securitas is always one step ahead.

Introducing Securitas Intelligence Unit

Our dedicated Securitas Intelligence Unit (SIU) provide intelligence services to protect the interests of some of the highest profile and largest corporations in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Added value and peace of mind

Operating from our BS EN50518 accredited SOC (Securitas Operations Centre) our highly skilled intelligence analysts are experts in investigating open source intelligence to provide advanced real-time analysis of threats and risks.

Free subscription

In addition to tailored consultancy and monitoring of specific threats to your business, the SIU team also publishes industry bulletins and alerts. Topics range from cyber security to current threats. 

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